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United prairie foundation

making prairie common again

our mission

The Foundation was created to benefit breeding waterfowl habitat located within the northern plains Prairie Pothole Region. The habitats that sustain waterfowl production are also home to Monarch Butterflies, Bees and many other beneficial pollinators. United Prairie Foundation has prided itself as an implementation group dedicated to restoring diverse prairie habitats and educating the public of the need to propagate native plant communities.

how we

carry out our mission

Grazed wildlife habitat

A patch-burn-graze program utilizing diverse, local ecotype seed and RX fire.

Ditch Habitat

Maximizing prairie habitat potential in public right-of-way, stormwater ponds, and drainage ditches.

Ecological Habitat Areas

Enhancing ecosystem functionality through high-diverse, local ecotype seed and plant installations.

Invasive Woody Removal

Removing invasive trees and shrubs to benefit prairie-dependent wildlife.